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Photo by  Daniela Constantini

Über uns




Hola & Hoi, we are Cristian & Debora. We would like to bring you closer to the aromatic world of specialty coffee and tell you what really matters when it comes to coffee consumption.

Thanks to Colombia, we both discovered our love for coffee. Latin America is our second home, so we started looking for the best coffee beans there in 2016. In the meantime we have established good relationships with fantastic farmers and better and better coffees are ending up in our roastery.  

Debora is a graphic designer and has a good nose. She connects with  Ojo de Café good design with enjoyment.  


Cristian comes from international sales, studied political science and economics. He realized what an impact coffee has on the lives of millions of coffee producers. And that we can change the world with every cup of coffee.








You too can change the world a little with every cup of coffee. Which coffee you choose is in your hands.

Today only about 10% of the sales price of coffee remains in the country of origin. The market price for coffee is often below production costs, and the low fair trade bonus is not at all enough. That is why we trade with our farmers directly and in an egalitarian way. We pay you about three to six times what they would have made in the Fairtrade market.


About 75% of the global trade in green coffee is traded through Switzerland. We're just a little fish ourselves, but we want to show that there is another way.


You don't need an expensive machine for good coffee at home. With an moka pot, french press and hand filter, everyone can brew excellent coffee. All you need to do is choose the right coffee for your type of preparation. And a few tips and tricks for preparing and storing coffee. We would be happy to advise you in our store which brewing method and which coffee best suit your taste.

We think that coffee should be drunk more consciously, in a higher quality and therefore less. Because coffee is much more than a caffeine kick. There is a hardworking farmer and a passionate roaster behind it. And coffee contains more than 800 different flavors.  


Give them time to develop.  Sip it slowly.


We want to show the coffee producers more appreciation. We motivate them to use improved and new post-harvest processes so that they can achieve higher prices for their coffee. We would like to tell you the background of the origin of coffee and personal stories of the farmers.  

In the search for an excellent result in the cup, we value fairness, friendship and transparency in every aspect. Because coffee is worth gold to us.



  • Our producers grow their coffee ecologically and in mixed cultivation. Labels are not important to us because a lot of producers are too small for that. 

  • Most of the time, our producers have few machines, so they do the work by hand like they always did.

  • Our packaging is free of aluminum and completely recyclable. The bags cannot be returned everywhere at the moment, about a year from now, there will be the possibility in every community in Switzerland. You are welcome to return the bags to us and we will take care of the recycling.

  • All of our printed matter is printed on recycled paper and cardboard (except for a few gold stickers ;)

  • We send climate neutral.

  • Our shop has been built ecologically.

  • We also sell the coffees openly in the store.

What can you do to make coffee consumption more sustainable? Coffee is a product with high CO² and water consumption. So it's better to drink less coffee. But the right one.




The price we pay our farmers is published on our website. We communicate transparently and honestly. Because transparency is the first step towards doing business better or differently.  


Write to us if you have any questions, praise or criticism.

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